Team 360 Report

Benchmark your team report with the thoughts and scores of your selected stakeholders.

Insights from your Key Stakeholders

Invite your key clients, suppliers and colleagues to complete the TeamLytica questionnaire on your team.

They’ll have a view on how your team works and functions together and what they feel needs to be improved.

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Stand - alone Report

Your Team360 report can be used as a standalone document with all the scores and indicators included for your team. This includes your stakeholder views on your team’s Cohesion, Stress and Morale scores.

They’ll also include written comments on what your team does well and what areas they feel needs to be worked on to improve delivery.

TM MVP Reports Summary Report

Benchmark Report

You can select any of your previous reports and the Team360 report to produce a benchmark dashboard and report for your team.

This will compare and contrast your team Cohesion score, your Stress and Morale Indicators, all nine category scores and each of the 54 questions.

All are colour-coded for ease of understand and will clearly show where scores have either increased or decreased.

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Understand the differences

From the Benchmark Report, you may find your own team scores are higher than that of your stakeholders. This should give you cause for concern as your team may feel they are more capable that your stakeholders believe.

On the other hand, Stakeholder Scores may be higher than your team have scored. This is a positive message to take back to the team and offer them praise as they may be better (at that question or category) than they think they are.

Reduce Team Stress


Your benchmarking report will deliver you immediate insights that you can act upon.

Start conversations with your team about areas your stakeholders feel need to be improved. Then, have similar conversations with these stakeholders to tell them what you’re doing to improve things.