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Your Team Summary Report

This report will give you a great indication of the health of your team. Then decide whether to upgrade to the full report.

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Free to use

Free to use

We won't charge you a bean - and no credit card required

Your unique Team Cohesion Index

Your unique Team Cohesion Index

Gives you an overall indication of team health and cohesion

Get all nine Category scores

Get all nine Category scores

Nine scores to help you understand how your team works together
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Print and Share

Print and Share

Easily share the results with your team or colleagues

TLci - Your Team Cohesion Score

Clever algorithms crunch all your team data and calculate an overall team score. We call this the TeamLytica Cohesion Index (TLci)

It’s colour-coded for ease of use. Green is good, amber is ok and red means your team is struggling in certain areas.

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Category Scores

Each of the nine category scores is available for you. This gives you and your team a breakdown of each of the major categories within the report. All are colour-coded for ease of use.

Click here to understand more about the nine categories.

Your Team Summary -The Nine Categories

Online Dashboard

All your data and your free report is available to view on your private dashboard. Interrogate your data, share with colleagues or export to PDF

TM MVP Reports Summary Report

Upgrading is Simple

We’ll keep your data safe until you need it so, at any time in the future, you can upgrade to the full dashboard and benefit from your detailed reporting and team-specific insights and actions

TM MVP Reports Summary Report

Your Summary PDF

From the dashboard you can print your summary report with the TLci Cohesion Index and nine Category scores.

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My team will be changing in the next few months – should I retest?

Yes, we never publish individual responses so your team can change as a little bit or completely – the end result will be a change in your scores and actions.

How long do you keep my team data?

The free data report is kept for one year from the first date of publishing. If you upgrade to the full report we’ll keep your data indefinitely.

What happens if I want to upgrade?

That’s simple. All your data from the team questionnaires will have been saved. All you need to do is click one of the upgrade buttons and pay the fee. This will then unlock all functions and data from the full report.

Is the Free Report really free?

Yes, completely free to you. You’ll never be charged for the free report with its limited functionality. And, you can upgrade at any time.

What’s included in the free report?

The free trial is a free TeamLytica report available to a team or teams within your organisation. They are provided to give you an opportunity to review your team through the included scores. They included the overall Cohesion score for the team as well as each of the nine categories included within the main report.

The free report can be upgraded at any time to reveal the full analysis of your team. This would include the over stress and morale of the team, the in-depth 54 questions and the insights and actions generated by the system based on your scores.