Benchmark Report

Re-test your team to track progress & improvements through training, development and focus.

Measure it - Manage it

Your first TeamLytica report gives you a benchmark level to work from. Focus and train on the lower scoring areas and then re-test the team to see what improvements have been made.

Comparing Your Cohesion Index

We Benchmark Everything for you

Track and see changes to your Cohesion, Category and question scores to instantly see where progress has been made. Or, where further work is required.

Everything is colour-coded for ease of use and understanding.

Benchmark snap shot

Reduce Team Stress

Managing team stress to an optimal level is crucial if you want to get the best from your team.

Your TeamLytica reports can help you measure where the team is at, what needs to be done to reduce (or increase) team stress and then lets you re-test to gauge the impact of your interventions.

Reduce Team Stress

Why Re-test?

Your role as a manager is to continually monitor and improve what the team does. In almost any environment, the needs and influences and pressures on the team change frequently.

Understanding and positively reacting to these changes in both the short and longer-term will help your team deliver its KPIs.

Bench Mark

Scores Increase and Go Down

Things often change within a team. If scores are increasing, ask yourself if this is because of your interactions, those of the team or external factors.

Likewise, scores can decrease which may be an indicator that more focused is required in those areas or, that external factors have had a negative impact on the team.

Use the data and Actions to keep moving things forward.

Scores Increase and Go Down