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You are on this page because you want to do right by your team: to understand them better and to become a better leader. 

TeamLytica is a tool for exactly that purpose, developed by managers, for managers. 

With 54 questions rooted in management science, our questionnaire will give you deep insights into your team’s wellbeing and performance. You will understand your people like never before We also include immediately actionable steps to improve in critical areas, remove barriers to performance, and to boost morale.

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The team reports have really helped our team and given our senior leaders the knowledge we've needed to make effective changes to the way we work and manage.
Anita Devi
Anita Devo
Director TeamWorkADL
We’re a team building company and we’ve used the TeamLytica reports on a number of times. They really help us identify the areas where teams need immediate help.
Stuart Rose
Stuart Rose
Fire Events


Our mission is to help any manager in any organisation improve and increase performance and productivity.

Founded by Mark Hide, we are managers with decades of experience with high-performing teams.

TeamLytica was born out of the marriage between academic research and the real, messy, painful, and exciting hands-on experience of managing actual teams.

We know that trust is one of the most important driving forces of teamwork.

And we don’s bullsh*t. Every question in the TeamLytica tool is solid.

Mark Hide - Teamlytica
Team Performance Improvement Software


TeamLytica has been many years in development and was born out of a leadership and high performance team work consulting company. 

You can benefit from our decades of experience and help your team get where you want it to be. We’ve been there, seen it and worn the T shirt.


The Report is designed to assess teams to increase cohesion, reduce stress and improve performance.

It is delivered through an interactive on-line dashboard and a pdf report.

A questionnaire is sent out to your team and their answers generate the report.

You get a visual dashboard, broken down into 9 categories and displayed in traffic light coloured scores.

Each category has insights and action steps generated by the system to help you implement the insights and get real results for your team.


There are 54 questions for your team to answer. Once complete, every question is scored as a mark from 0 to 10.

Scores between 0 and 6 are coloured red as an indication that things are not going well.

Amber is used for all scores between 6 and 8, with the majority of scores falling into this category.

Anything above 8 will be scored green, which shows the team are all in agreement with this positive score.

Comparing Your Cohesion Index


Clever algorithms crunch all your team data and calculate an overall team score. We call this the TeamLytica Cohesion Index (TLci). 

It’s colour-coded for ease of use. Green is good, amber is ok and red means your team is struggling in certain areas.

We don’t disclose individual scores. What we care about (and you should too) is how cohesive your team feels to its people.


We broke down team performance into nine categories.

The nine categories we score against are based around acknowledged academic, management and team diagnostics. Each question is carefully worded to ensure it can be answered by anyone completing the survey.

Each is answered via a sliding scale of 1-10 – from ‘Never’ to ‘Always’.

Each of the questions and categories are interlinked and inter-dependent and produce a clear and thorough diagnosis of where the team is ‘at’.



We build the Team Stress Curve using selected scores. This will give you a strong indication of how stressed the team feels.

The chart goes from Apathy on the far left to burnout on the far right.

All teams need some stress in the work they carry out.

The optimum performance is at the balance point in the middle of the curve.


The report is only based on team scores. Individuals and their marks can never be identified.

However, what we do include for the manager and their team is how each score is made up.

We show a visual representation of how the final score was achieved.

The graph beneath each score will reveal how many of each score was given. For example, it might show 2 x threes, a four, 3 fives, 4 sevens and 2 eights.

This will tell you if team members have a very different picture of one area.

TM MVP Reports Summary Report


A team that enjoys good morale is almost always more productive than those that don’t.

We provide a visual indication of the morale within your team to give you a good steer on where work needs to be done or otherwise how to boost team performance.

The TeamLytica platform has helped us get to a place where we’re proud of our own team performances. The irony is not lost on us that we recruit and place the next generation of sports stars who all have to excel in teams.
Tyrelle McLeod-Bentley
Tyrelle McLeod-Bentley
Co-Founder - Soccer Assist
TeamLytica’s software has been identified as a valuable tool to check the effectiveness of newly combined teams in the Bank. We are using it to review their progress as the staff become more integrated.
Steve Chown
Steve Chown
Entrepreneurial Innovation Manager at NatWest