Frequently asked questions

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Do you offer refunds?

We don’t unless you have purchased a paid report and then not added your team members.

If team members have been added to the system and questionnaires sent out, then I’m afraid we can’t offer a refund.

If you have purchased multiple team reports via an invoice ad you know longer need all the teams then please contact us to discuss your purchase options.


What is a team?

There are lots of definitions of a team – here’s one we really like:

A team is a group of individuals, all working together for a common purpose. The individuals comprising a team ideally should have common goals, common objectives and more or less think on the same lines.  Of which, the full text can be found here

From our perspective, we consider a team to be a functional working unit that has roughly 5-15 people within it (this can vary). They will have shared goals and values and be working for the same manager and outcomes.

If teams are larger than this, then they become difficult to manage and control so are split into smaller subsets. We’d consider these smaller subsets as the real teams.

Teams can be made up of any seniority from the Board (a team, to senior managers and then right down to the lowest levels of the hierarchy within the organisation.

If you need help distinguishing your teams, then feel free to give us a ring and we’ll happily discuss the right way forward with you.

My team will be changing in the next few months – should I retest?

Yes, we never publish individual responses so your team can change as a little bit or completely – the end result will be a change in your scores and actions.

How long do you keep my team data?

The free data report is kept for one year from the first date of publishing. If you upgrade to the full report we’ll keep your data indefinitely.

What happens if I want to upgrade?

That’s simple. All your data from the team questionnaires will have been saved. All you need to do is click one of the upgrade buttons and pay the fee. This will then unlock all functions and data from the full report.

Is the Free Report really free?

Yes, completely free to you. You’ll never be charged for the free report with its limited functionality. And, you can upgrade at any time.

Why TeamLytica?

We really care about making teams being better at what they do. We have decades of experience in developing, managing and leading teams, leaders and managers in a wide variety of sectors, geographies and seniorities.  TeamLytica helps share that knowledge and experience to help you and your teams achieve more through our four step approach which we call KITE; K = Knowledge. I = Insights, T = Training and E = Empowerment.

We offer both free summary reports and the full paid report.

Check out the Why TeamLytica page to learn more about their experiences.

Here you can a link to the leadership development company of the founder.

How many people can be in my team for a free or paid report?

This is a good question. There is no minimum or maximum number you can have in your team. However, be aware, that if you have less than five team members then the results can be heavily skewed by just one person. Likewise, if you have a large team then the results will average out more and be less definitive. We reckon most teams will be between 5-15 people.

Do you offer special pricing for not-for-profit organisations?

Yes we do. We are keen to offer TeamLytica at a reduced rate to not-for-profit organisations as we believe in giving back to society. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to chat through your requirements and how we can help.


What forms of payment do you accept?

For single teams, we take direct payment through our payment gateway on the platform (via Stripe). You can pay via any major credit card.

For multiple teams, we’re happy to take payment via a credit card or, contact us if you’d prefer to be invoiced.


Can I change plans?

You can only change upwards – from the free to the paid report. We don’t offer refunds once a report has been delivered.

What is TeamLytica’s approach to security and data privacy?

Your data and security is extremely important to us. Your data is encrypted on our database and no one can access the database in any way. No individual questionnaire responses are ever reported on to protect the confidentiality of our clients.

We strive to maintain world class standards with hosting via Ionos Web Services including (more here):

SSL Certificates
High-performance data centres – ISO 27001 certified
Firewall management
Administrative logs
Our Privacy Policy can be found here and Terms and Conditions can be found here
What integrations are available?

At the moment, TeamLytica is in the early stages of development and rollout. We are yet to build any integrations but will happily log your suggestions on what links would be most useful for users.

Please leave us a message here.

What’s included in the free report?

The free trial is a free TeamLytica report available to a team or teams within your organisation. They are provided to give you an opportunity to review your team through the included scores. They included the overall Cohesion score for the team as well as each of the nine categories included within the main report.

The free report can be upgraded at any time to reveal the full analysis of your team. This would include the over stress and morale of the team, the in-depth 54 questions and the insights and actions generated by the system based on your scores.