UK University Services – New teams and international team working

UK University Services

UK University Services is a trading name of UNI4U Ltd, a UK-based company focused on matching students with their ideal UK university courses.

Their services are focused on delivering their vision of a world where international students have access to personalised, impartial advice on universities, are able to integrate and have a truly British experience while studying in the UK, and are supported throughout their UK higher education journey and beyond.

Their team is made up of professionals with a wide range of experience in the UK higher education sector and they work in partnership with a range of organisations!


The Problem

The team are based in the UK and overseas, especially China. Management have to get to grips with timezones, culture and different working practices while still delivering a great service to their client base. The team are in separate countries but, many had never actually met each other before thus hindering effective communication and trust within the team

Management was keen to improve all aspects of teamwork but didn’t know how or where to start. They needed a line-in-the-sand marker so everyone knew where they were at so improvements could be sought and delivered.



The Solution

UK University Services took up the full team report from the beginning and were please they did. Actions were quickly established and prioritised based on the overall feedback from the teams,

What was really useful were the open text comments which enabled team members to expand upon their thoughts and aims in a constructive but confidential way.

The senior leadership team used these comments to address issues and challenges across the teams which had previously been hidden from them.  



The Results

The first outcome was the obvious need to get the teams together on a regular basis monthly meetings have now been diarised. These meetings have two purposes and are planned as such. The first is around work – with the usual issues, challenges. The second round getting to know each other. One of the survey results indicated high levels of competence throughout the teams that were not known about. The sharing and seeking out of best practice has now become the norm. Team members, managers, and clients have greatly benefited from this.

The team reports have really helped our team and given our senior leaders the knowledge we’ve needed to make effective changes to the way we work and manage.

Anita Devi

Director TeamWorkADL

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