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PragmatiQ Solutions specialise in designing and implementing bespoke CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems for our customers. As a result, businesses benefit from increased sales, improved management insight resulting in data-driven decision making and a system which is fit for your organisation today & in the years to come. 

We leverage the latest Microsoft technology, Dynamics 365, and with our commercial experience & technical expertise, we’ll work with you to develop a solution that is fit for purpose and tailored to your business.


The Problem

PragmatiQ are a fast growing company based in Milton Keynes. They a wide mix of employees within the tech sector and work with clients that have high expectations and short time scales. Data management is critical to their clients therefore a level of trust and service delivery is required on every contract Pressure is high to ensure the client gets what they need when they need it.

Teamwork is critical across the business and this can be a challenge as colleagues work in silos on their sprific client projects.


The management team knew what they wanted to achieve – cross team working, sharing of expertise and teams being able to support each other when client pressures required it for the benefit of the company as a whole.

The challenge was how to reveal this to the employees in such a way as to make it in their interest to help colleagues who were not involved in their own projects and clients.



The Solution

PragmatiQ opted for the full reports and were able to complete these online at a time to suit them. The dashboard was simple to use and has enabled the teams to view not only their own reports but those of peer teams as well. The comparison features have allowed for lots of data interrogation – which these techies love.



It’s a simple and straightforward process – our tech team were impressed with the results and dashboard that the questionnaires generated.

Stuart Goldwater


Better understanding, building trust – results improving

Teams and managers are much more interested in what their colleagues are doing. They are actively looking for areas within the survey that others excel at and they can learn from. Cross team working has moved to a whole new level as teams understand that they can gain greater knowledge working on more diverse projects.

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