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NatWest is a UK bank and part of the RBS Group in the UK and Worldwide. As part of it’s commitment to business startups, it has been successfully running the NatWest Accelerator programme. This is a free and managed service for startup and scale-up businesses that can access any of twelve hubs across the country.

TeamLytica’s software has been identified as a valuable tool to check the effectiveness of newly combined teams in the Bank. We are using it to review their progress as the staff become more integrated.

Steve Chown

Entrepreneurial Innovation Manager, NatWest Bank

The Problem

Natwest had recently parted company with Entrepreneurial Spark that had been running a startup programme for the bank over the last six yers. The Bank decided to take the operation in-house so it could improve and expand what it had to offer entrepreneurs.

The challenge for the new board and senior leaders was to break free of the constraints of traditional banking and its staid approach to banking. The senior team had to think, act and work differently in this every-changing and dynamic environment – to meet the needs of both the 100s of entrepreneurs coming through the doors but also, the demands of the bank and all it’s restrictions and methods of operation.

The Solution

TeamLytica had been part of the entrepreneur programme run by the bank and was asked to provide an analysis of the recently set-up board of the new group.

The results proved interesting and useful to the management team. They quickly used the data to explore their strengths and, as importantly, what they could improve upon. This looked at both internal team work and what they were able to offer and deliver to the 12 hubs around the country.

Culture Change and Empowerment

The senior team were clearly competent at what they did and were able to deliver I high level of professionalism and service to their client base.

What also became apparent was the teams ability to just keep battling through issues rather than pausing and coming up with longer-term solutions rather than knee-jerk reaction.

It was also clear the team were in a honeymoon period where they were in the ‘forming’ phase of the team. Everyone was nice to each other and the usual infighting and politics had yet to befall them.

The TeamLytica tool provided valuable insights that the team were able to build on – the numerous and in-depth strengths of the team have provided a solid foundation for future development while allowing the team time to address some of the challenges it faces both as a new entity and with the usual growing pains of a new operation.


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