Planet Wise – Improving teamwork in an international environment

Planet Wise

The Company

Planet Wise are travel safety specialists that deliver solutions to clients who send staff overseas on company business. It delivers duty-of-care best-practice that helps protect the company and the traveller.

Planet Wise has been delivering international travel safety solutions since 2003. Its remit is to offer practical and relevant solutions to both companies and employees who travel internationally. Its services are tiered to ensure the correct level of training and support is delivered. They assess travellers based on their experience level, the destinations they visit or the risk to the business. Whether you take just one of our services or the full suite, they will help implement a robust audit trail thus allowing you to demonstrate your duty of care to travelling staff.




The Problem

Being a training company, PlanetWise has a great group of employees who work across a wide selection of clients. They tend to work in silos with their respective clients and projects. They rarely come together as a complete team. Building stronger community between these trainers and support staff was highlighted as development need during their annual review process.

Management was keen to improve all aspects of teamwork but didn’t know how or where to start. They needed a line-in-the-sand marker so everyone knew where they were at so improvements could be sought and delivered.



The Solution

Initially PlanetWise used the free summary report to gain a basic understanding of the teams cohesion. It was quickly apparent that development work and investment was required in three of four key areas. To the manager, upgrading to the full report seemed to be a good investment and proved to be just that. She was able to focus on the areas that really mattered to the team and make some quick wins for the benefit of the team, the company and most importantly, clients and their courses.  



The Results

It’s early days but, progress has been made. The team, manager and senior leaders used the reports to highlight immediate action areas, those that would take a little longer to solve and those that were just a nice-to-have. Once completed, work-groups were created that could create their own solutions to the problems with timescales budgets and delegated authorisation to complete the work.

The teams have felt empowered by the process and have all spoken out that it has raised awareness of issues on how the teams work together and what success looks like – along with action plans and pathways to get there.

The team reports have really helped our team and given our senior leaders the knowledge we’ve needed to make effective changes to the way we work and manage.

Anita Devi

Director TeamWorkADL

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