Fire-Events – Building TeamWork in other Companies

Fire Events

Fire Events isn’t just another team-building and corporate events company. Every event is absolutely customized to your requirements. Whatever works for you. Wherever you want to be. Whatever you can afford. Nothing is too much trouble and we’re committed to making your event a huge success. 

Based in the Yorkshire Dales, Fire-Events has worked with some of the largest companies in the UK delivering exceptional team building and events. They pride themselves on understanding client needs, designing an appropriate program and then delivering exactly what’s need to help the client achieve their aims.


The Problem

Stuart had been getting disillusioned with the same old psychometric profiling tool that companies have been sued for years. They had their place but nothing really matched his requirements of delivering a truly team solution – as opposed to individuals results merged together.

One particular client needed to compare lots of teams and try to get the best to share what they did well with their struggling peers.


Stuart knew that his existing profiling tools would not suffice and so began his quest to find a solution.


The Solution

PragmatiQ opted for the full reports and were able to complete these online at a time to suit them. The dashboard was simple to use and has enabled the teams to view not only their own reports but those of peer teams as well. The comparison features have allowed for lots of data interrogation – which these techies love.



We love it. Our aim is to encourage all our clients to use the TeamLytica questionnaire and dashboard as we can see how powerful it can be for them.

Stuart Goldwater


Better understanding, building trust – results improving

Teams and managers are much more interested in what their colleagues are doing. They are actively looking for areas within the survey that others excel at and they can learn from. Cross team working has moved to a whole new level as teams understand that they can gain greater knowledge working on more diverse projects.

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