Soccer Assist – Improving cohesion in the team behind sporting success

Building Teamwork

Soccer Assist helps and supports aspiring sports students through international scholarships.


Scholarships are awarded, and provide a discount on tuition fees, to exceptional student-athletes who demonstrate excellence in their sport as well as their academics. A scholarship works on a percentage basis, so the budget of the athletics department will determine how much can be allocated per student-athlete.

The company offers placements in the USA to aspiring young athletes and both male and female students who show great potential playing soccer.

The irony is not lost on us that we recruit and place the next generation of sports stars who all have to excel in teams. The TeamLytica platform has helped us get to a place where we’re proud of our own team performances.

Tyrelle McLeod-Bentley

Director – Soccer Assist


The Problem

It company has been running for almost four years and over that time it has steadily grown. The challenge has been to find and retain good staff that fit within the culture of the business and are good at what they do. Building great teamwork has come naturally to this young business but, they are always keen to learn more.


The Solution

The company approached TeamLytica to address these needs and after a brief test of the free report, quickly decided to upgrade to the full document. The management team have used the report as the basis for a number of initiatives. These include regular informal chats about how the team works and functions together. Training on how to give and receive effective feedback – something that they are great at while playing sport but, less effective in the office.


Moving from good to great

Over the last few months the team has become a lot more comfortable with feedback – both giving and receiving. Initially, this was taken as criticism and tensions rose. However, the training has paid huge dividends and everyone is comfortable with the process. Trust has also increased with more senior managers delegating more and knowing that staff will either ask for help or crack n with the work in hand. This has increased productivity by speeding up the whole work process and ensuring everyone gets time to do the things they are really good at – while supporting those in the team that need more help.

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